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LoRaWAN and the public network of qnectd offer solutions, that were unavailable in the past.

Your city can be smart

IoT solutions for a smart city can optimize numerous processes and assist for the early discovery of potential problems and most importantly save a significant part of the budget.

  • Monitoring of the air quality in an urban environment
  • Monitoring and control of street illumination
  • Monitoring of water and plumbing systems. Locating leaks and breakdowns
  • Intelligent garbage disposal
  • Employee monitoring – technicians, urban cleanness, etc.
  • Intelligent parking
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Smart buildings

IoT solutions for monitoring and automation of buildings can reduce the costs, optimize the maintenance process and identify problems at an early stage such as water leaks, fires, mold and others.

  • Monitoring and managing energy consumption and costs
  • Monitoring the occupancy of a building – knowing the number of people and their location
  • Supervising the air quality in closed premises
  • Alarming for gas leaks and other harmful odors
  • Position of employees and assets
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Smart farms are no science fiction

IoT solutions for crop production and livestock breeding can aid farmers optimize their work, locate disease early and other

  • Weather condition monitoring
  • Soil moisture monitoring
  • Autonomous watering systems
  • Air quality monitoring (temperature, moisture, gasses) in greenhouses
  • Locating cattle on pasture
  • Supervising the internal temperature in cows
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Industry 4.0

IoT solutions industry are as many as enterprises exist. That is why we offer a personalized approach for every client. These are a few of our applications:

  • Monitoring and management of energy costs
  • Monitoring for gas content in the air and water; pipe pressure supervision
  • Position of employees and assets – machines, facilities and others
  • Temperature monitoring, humidity, barometric pressure in rooms, warehouses or silos
  • Machine and equipment monitoring
  • and many more
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