Privacy policy

Who are we?

The website is owned and operated by qnectd – a brand of Q Online Ltd. with Company ID: 206365164 and address city Rousse, Han Krum 6th street. Q Online Ltd. is a private information administrator and complies with the regulations of The General Regulation for Protection of Personal Data 2016/679.

The current privacy policy is created to inform you what personal data we process, for what purpose and who we provide it to, what are your rights regarding your processed personal details and how can you force them if necessary. We strive to provide You with accessible and beneficial information on our internet website.

Whose personal date is being processed?

Personal data, which we of Q Online Ltd. process through the web page, refer to the following category of people:

  • Visitors of the Website and users of the informational resources that can be accessed through it;
  • Individuals, posting inquiries, requests, business offers, signals, complaints to us or having another method of communication with us, regardless of the preferred method of communication (mail, email, phone and others)
  • Third party individuals, information of which is contained in inquiries, requests, business offers, signals, complaints to us or having another method of communication;

What category of personal data is being processed?

The categories if personal data, which we of Q Online process are referred to:

  • Data, linked to communication or other type of interaction, which has been established with us through the contact form on our website, email, phone, on our address or other
  • Data, linked to interaction on your behalf with our corporative account or page in different social networks.
  • Data, linked to receiving marketing messages sent by us.
  • Data, that has been automatically connected or generated upon using the website which include: Date and time of access to the website, IP address from which the connection has been established, server and system logs (in order to establish technical difficulties and/or identifying malicious actions when applicable, logs in order to make legal statements (for example, confirming the acquaintance with the privacy policy and others).

What is the purpose of processing?

Our web page gives the option to send an inquiry in order to contact us. In order in the section “Contact us” we have implemented the blank contact form for you to fill out. To send your inquiry it is necessary to provide two names, phone number, email and address for contact.

We are collecting this information in order to administer your inquiry. We do not promise to send an answer to every user that has sent an inquiry through the platform, but we assure you that our team is giving all the necessary effort to honor and respond to a maximum quantity of received messages. Only a strict number of employees of Q Online Ltd. have access to your personal data.

Although we have acquired your details due to a certain inquiry you have made, we might contact you on a later term if we judge the circumstances are of most importance to us.

We can process personal data provided by you on the account of legal obligation, if an enactment provides for such processing.

In compliance, the purpose that we might process your personal data for are the following:

  • for the completion of legal obligations of Q Online Ltd.;
  • Corresponding or other type of interaction, which you may carry out though the website’s contact form, over email, telephone, on our address and others, related to the relations between us before the creation of a contract;

For what period do the store your personal data?

We are committed to store your personal details for a term limited for the necessary for achieving the goals of the process, which are:

  • For the purpose if legal obligation, we store your details for a term provided for the relevant legislation;
  • For the purposes of the conducted pre-contractual correspondence, we might store your personal details for a term up to 5 (five) years, beginning with the completion of the current correspondence and the related relations, unless there is a legitimate interest to continue the storage for a longer period.

Do we send unwanted direct marketing and promotional communications?

In some cases, Q Online Ltd. might process data for the purpose of sending informational and advertising messages, referring to current affairs or events, which we might think that would be of interest to the recipient. In the event that you do not wish to further receive informational and advertising messages from us, the regalement gives you the option to “Unsubscribe” by clicking the button, for these types of messages in the message itself.

Will your information be shared with anyone else?

When we transfer Your personal details to other individuals, we do it by strictly following the terms of the current Policy and our internal rules and policies, as well as in compliance with the applicable legislation in the field of personal data protection.

Q Online Ltd. may share your personal data with the following categories of individuals:

  • Subcontractors, which Q Online Ltd. has contracts with, upon whom are assigned on our behalf to perform actions such as: technical support of the Website. The data which we provide to our subcontractors we unveil only to a certain extend needed to perform the task at hand, and the contractors are ore obligated by the contract to process the data only under strict instructions and supervision.
  • Trade partners and service providers, such as enterprises providing telecommunication, transport or logistic services and others.
  • Competent state, municipal and judicial bodies, when necessary for the completion of our legal obligation or to protect rights or legitimate interests of Q Online Ltd. or third parties.

What are the principles of processing Your personal data?

1. Personal data is collected and processed lawfully and in good faith.

Q Online Ltd. collects and processes personal data lawfully, in good faith and in compliance with the principles and rights of individuals in connection with the processing of their personal data.

2. Personal data is being processed transparently

Q Online Ltd. assures transparency in the communication for collecting and processing personal details like the information of which short, transparent, understandable and easily accessible form, and clear and unambiguous wording is used

3. Personal data is being collected and processed only for the current purposes of this policy 

4. Data unnecessary for the purpose personal data is not being collected

Q Online Ltd. does not collect nor process personal details of individuals, that go beyond its legal obligations or its business needs.

5. Collected data can be processed for other purposes only after the compliance of the individual

In any case, when the necessary data of individuals collected and processed is being used for purposes different from the initial, Q Online Ltd. informs the lather and asks for their permission to process their details for different purposes only after their compliance.

6. In order to process, we collect a minimal requirement of details necessary

Q Online Ltd. collects and processes the minimal requirement of details necessary of individuals that:

  • Are provided by law;
  • Are necessary for contract completion;
  • Are necessary to fulfill the purpose they are collected for

7. Processed data is accurate and current

Q Online ltd assures the process of individual’s data to be with maximal accuracy and, if possible, always up-to-date.

8. Personal data is being processed by the minimally required employees

Q Online ltd provides access and processing of personal data of individuals to be carried out by the minimally required employees, which have the necessary proficiency required, and the needed engagement for securing the data

9. Personal data is being stored for the minimally required time

Q Online ltd stores personal data for the minimally required time:

  • Required by law;
  • Required for contract fulfillment (in this case an order) and the responsibility for it
  • Required to fulfill the purpose, for which the data is collected and processed, or
  • by the request of the individual for their removal,

after which they are disposed of without further delay

In any case Q Online ltd assures a yearly revision of the data being collected and processed, and any case which fall to the above categories without undue delay.

What are your rights?

Q Online ltd assures the compliance to the rights of individuals, whose data is being collected and processed through our webpage which includes:

1. the right to information about personal data processing;

2. the right of access to personal data – what data we have;

3. the right of correcting inaccurate or incomplete data;

4. the right to delete personal data – the right to “be forgotten”;

5. the right to limit the amount of processed data;

6. the right to be informed of actions resulting in correcting, deleting or limiting personal data;

7. the right to transfer data;

8. the right to object against the process of personal data;

9. the right not to be an object of automatic decision making, including profiling.

Q Online ltd will provide the necessary assistance in exercising any of your legal right, coming from the Regalement or other applicable regulations in the field of personal data protection.

Which authority to seek out about your rights?

The Commission for the Protection of Personal Data (CPPD) is an independent state authority, which enforces personal data protection of individuals during the processing and access to the data, as of controlling the compliance with the law of personal data protection on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria.

In case of doubt that your rights related to the protection of your personal data have been violated, you can file a report with the CPPD at:

  • Address: city: Sofia, zip: 1592, 2nd Prof. Tsvetan Lazarov boulevard
  • Email:
  • Web page:
  • Phone: 02 / 91-53-518

Privacy policy change

Q Online ltd reserves the right to change and update this Privacy Policy at any time, as well as the right to notify you in the event that the changes significantly affect your rights related to your personal data.